You and me? Sure, I've thought about that. More than once. Every time it's the same.

It would've started the same way it always does; with fire and lightning. We'd've gone drinking and clubbing every night. We'd've fucked all over the place. We'd've been crazy and wild and joyous. We'd've laughed. Laughed so hard. So hard at everything, even dumb shit, like fart noises made from two sweaty chests thrusting together. Everything a joke, hedonism the only game in town.

Then we would've settled into a more temperate climate. The majority of nights spent binging niche TV from under a single duvet. We'd've gone on inexpensive holidays to nearby countrysides or youth hostels in Europe. We'd've gone out for long walks during the day, not afraid to share our exhaustion with each other. Not afraid to show weaknesses, ready to accept and ready for acceptance. We'd've still laughed but there would've been disagreements too. Looks filled with affection would've replaced insessant smooching.

Finally the clouds would've rolled in. We'd've started spending more time on individual needs. Seeing friends the other didn't even know existed. Casual embraces would've met with cold disdain. When one of us would've wanted to do something the other would've not. What was once passionate frenching, and had bloomed to loving glances, would've withered to bitter glares. With tension like kindling, arguments would've erupted ceaselessly. Silence synonymous with dread.

One of us would've opted to "tough it out", seeing it all as a phase. The other would've know the truth; a lost cause on last legs. A final sit down should've been the last of "us", a promise of friendship the final farewell. However, that's never how it goes. There's always another meeting, another glimpse into the life of someone you once held so close. That's when the pact of friendship begins to fracture. Bitterness or resentment would've flooded the heart of one or both of us. This irradiation of selves would've left a scar. A debilitating scar. Strenuous recovery would've followed. Neither of us the same thereafter.

The real question here is: would it have been worth it?

What do you think?